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bio-amro-photoJane Amro

Jane enjoys entertaining her audiences with real life adventures and episodes from our histories. Occasionally a fantastical fictional tale is thrown in. Jane has told at Confabulation in Montreal. As well she frequently tells at the Montreal Storytellers’ Guild venue at Westmount Library, where she is currently treasurer.


StStephanie Beneteau, sstoryteller conteuseéphanie Bénéteau

Stephanie’s website

Stéphanie Bénéteau studied literature and education before discovering her true vocation as a professional storyteller, a career she has been pursuing full time since 1995. She has performed in English and in French in venues all over Québec, Canada, and abroad. She has received many grants from the Canada Council, the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec and the Montreal arts council to create and tour her shows which include the medieval legend of Tristan and Iseult, the Greek myth Perseus and her most recent show based on Arthurian legend. She won the Ours d’or for Coquettes et Coquines, a show of erotic stories from around the world. Her storytelling CD Dreaming Tall: Stories for Growing Girls won the Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

Stéphanie also performs and gives workshops for children and teen-agers. She has created a unique storytelling workshop that she presents in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods and helps thousands of children and teen-agers in underprivileged neighborhoods discover the joys of the imagination and the power of language.

Stéphanie tells in a lyrical, feminine voice touched with humour. She brings ancient stories from the oral tradition back to life, with the goal of making them relevant to the twenty first century.


Melanie J.Chursinoff

Melanie was introduced to storytelling a few years ago. Taking her first workshop, she fell in love with this art form, and in the process, discovered a whole new world. Genuinely appreciating that human beings have been continuously telling stories since the dawn of time, Melanie has to come to recognize the power of stories for healing and wisdom.  She likes to tell ancient folktales, First Nations stories, as well as personal stories to crowds of all ages. Her goal with her stories is to bring wisdom, joy, and laughter; and maybe, just maybe, inspire us to change the world one story at a time.  You can catch Melanie telling stories at Westmount Library on the 2nd Thursday of every month, and from time to time, at Confabulation here in Montreal.


Rob Cloney

Rob Cloney is a Maritimer who was born into a family tradition of storytelling. He has been writing and telling stories to audiences for over 30 years, since first performing as an actor and storyteller at King’s Landing Historical Village. He has performed traditional and adapted tales, as well as his own original stories, in schools and libraries, at story swaps and public performances, as well as song and story circles in a variety of venues. He has shared stories in Canada, the US and Brazil, and frequently tells stories for events at Viva Vida Art Gallery in Montreal.


Selina Eisenberg

Selina’s storytelling has delighted toddlers, children, adolescents, and the young-at-heart of all ages in Canada, the United States, Ireland and Israel. She skillfully adapts stories to suit her audiences, and draws them in from beginning to end.” She told across Alberta on the TD Canada Children’s Book Tour (2013), was featured at the Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival (2015 & 2016), 13e et 14e Festival Interculturel du Conte (2015 & 2017), and at the Flame and Café Paris in Vancouver (2016). Selina has lead a number of storytelling workshops for children 7 -10 years of age, campers and camp staff, teachers and librarians.  After only four short years of being a member of Storytellers of Canada, Selina served as its President.

John David Hickey


John David “Hobbes” Hickey has been telling fables, folktales, and legends across Canada for over 15 years. He has won several storytelling competitions and his band TaelStrum was named as one of the top spoken word acts in Best of Montreal 2012. He currently hosts the Slamtastique Story Slam, Montreal’s only bilingual storytelling competiton.

David has an animated, energetic telling style that appeals to both children and adults. He performs in schools, libraries, pubs, cafes, and various festivals across Canada. He lives in Montreal, Quebec and tells tales mostly in English and sometimes in French.

David has published three CDs: Did You Hear That? (2014), The Bard’s New Hat (2010), and You Don’t Know Jack (2005).


  Christine Mayr 

At the age of five, Austrian-born Christine found the hidden entrance to fairyland, and has been telling stories ever since.  Now, as a grandmother, she spins her yarn, weaving it around you, inviting you to enter her tales: tales of wisdom and wonder – the wisdom of laughter, the sheer wonder of being alive…. She tells in English, French and German wherever she’s invited.

 Estelle Ross

Estelle is a creative, dynamic storyteller, keynote speaker, and public speaking coach. She is a Gold Level Advanced Toastmaster who mentors upcoming speakers, and conducts workshops, combining her storytelling/speaking skills with her entrepreneurial business background. Estelle currently teaches a weekly course in creative storytelling at the E.N.C.O.R.E. adult learning centre in downtown Montreal
An Active member of the MUHC Patients Committee, she is currently conducting a “StoryCare” project for long term adult patients.  Past storytelling engagements include Montreal West Rotary, Cote St. Luc Senior Women’s Club, and libraries, and several venues in Florida.
A storyteller at heart, Estelle artfully incorporates anecdotes into her speaking engagements. No matter the occasion or the theme, she will work with you to create a dynamic dimension to your meeting or special event. Please contact her directly for availability and fee structure.
References available on request

Paola Tonelli

Native born Montrealer, Paola Tonelli has been fascinated by the magic of stories since her mother delighted her with the tale of Pinocchio’s adventures at the age of five.  As an adult she discovered yet another way to enjoy a good story, by telling one!  Having enthralled both young and old listeners with her well-told tales for many years, she found her true niche in the Montreal Storytellers Guild and has been a regular performer since 2002.  Fluent in three languages (English, French and Italian),  Paola‘s eagerness to learn and her many interests add depth and background to her recitals; while her vivacious style and lively enthusiasm form a bond with audiences of all ages, captivating their attention as time and time again she draws them into the enchanted web she weaves with words.

Molly Walsh


Molly enjoys telling personal stories, trickster tales and stories with unpredictable endings. She tells to all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

Patti Warnock, La Contesse

The Countess of storytelling has participated in numerous cultural activities and festivals throughout Quebec, Canada, the Caribbean, France and Iran, including a participation in the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week. Her repertoire (for the young at heart of all ages) consists not only of traditional style tales, but also of her own creations, where reality and fiction walk hand in hand, and which are based on the reality of everyday life events, and on her own childhood in rural Quebec and in northern Canada.
An English-speaking native of La Belle Province, she travels the globe, collecting and sharing her stories. Her Irish origins and her “undefinable” accent lend a certain uniqueness to her stories, a certain timelessness to be discovered in both official languages. Her imaginative creations are often the first choice for the schools where she presents her storytelling and creative writing workshops as part of the “Culture in the Schools” program.
She is an active member of SC-CC (Storytellers of Canada), the RCQ (Regroupement du Conte au Québec) and ELAN (English-Language Arts Network).